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About Us

ParkYield is based in Australia and provides revenue and yield managment, as well as revenue strategy consulting, for hospitality pursuits large and small. Whether you want better revenue management or you want help with pricing and yield management, SuiteYield can assist you in creating a better business, large or small.


Founder and Director, James Plume began his career in the hotel industry and later worked in holiday parks managing over 20 properties accross Australia with an annual budgets in excess of $50 million.

James wanted ParkYield to cater to all hospitality interests, big and small. He saw that smaller interests could benefit from the same strategies that big resorts and apartments were using to increase their own budgets. With SuiteYield, you can rest assured that revenue strategy, management, and pricing and distribution, will improve vastly.


He brings that expertise to ParkYield to give clients the peace of mind that they are getting the best revenue management and yield management in the industry. With experience in the hospitality consulting business for over fifteen years, you can be sure that your business is in good hands.


ParkYield takes this large scale experience to help your small business make the most of the existing revenue and increase it, giving you a stronger revenue base